Monday, January 31, 2005

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Hertzberg – One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?

There are two ways to make jobs more interesting – Horizontal and Vertical Loading.

Horizontal Loading – Adding territory, reports, et al – “Job Loading” – “enlarges the meaninglessness of a job”, “reduces the personal contribution of employees”.

Vertical Loading – Increasing employees’ autonomy, accountability, variety/challenge, support staff, opportunities to become experts – “Job Enrichment” – control over a complete natural unit of work

Two presuppositions:

1) Hygiene items, when absent, are de-motivating, but their presence is not motivating;
2) Affinity for the job is a motivator

How to make people like the job?

Steps for Enrichment:

1) Select jobs in which change is low-cost, attitudes are poor, hygiene is costly, motivation will make a difference;
2) Approach with the conviction that the job can be changed;
3) Brainstorm
4) Screen the list for hygiene items
5) Screen for generalities
6) Screen for horizontal loading
7) Avoid employee participation
8) Experiment with a control group of employees
9) Prepare for a drop in productivity
10) Expect anxiety from first-line supervisors.


American slavery was distinctive because of its economic dimension, and because one race of people had enslaved a different race. Political rights were granted after the emancipation proclamation, but there was rollback in the South; American blacks had to fight for rights they were entitled to by the Constitution. They also fought for economic rights, or full participation in the American economy, e.g. participation in Labor Unions.
What other struggle do American blacks face? A cultural recognition, or valuing “things African-American”, is a struggle against negative stereotypes. Racial markers are more obdurate; it takes longer for an African American to be regarded as an individual rather than as a member of his or her ethnic group.

Almost all Americans have to negotiate race; one place race is negotiated is at work. How do we do it? Networking, mentoring in the workplace is limited because of its social component, and blacks and women are often not included. Why are whites not fluent in the Asian network, though Asians are fluent in the white network? Why are blacks excluded from both?

Discussion on How Race is Lived in America

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For Next Week, read the first five chapters of Talking From 9-5.


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