Monday, March 14, 2005

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Dilip 3 12

Outsourcing – Is it fair to inhibit the growth of other economies by prohibiting outsourcing?
Electronic Herd
Rich/Poor Divide – Overworked/Underemployed
What are the issues on business/corporate ethics – “towing the party line” is expected at most companies. In Nancy’s hospital setting, doctors admit mistakes, and avoid malpractice suits. Patients are likelier to sue if they feel they are being kept in the dark. People asked to do corrupt things are caught in a web, they have obligations to meet, and would compromise themselves if they refused to play ball, or blew the whistle on their company’s practices.

Why is education and government in the United States relatively corruption-free? How does the structure and culture of education and government lead to corruption or the lack thereof in different societies?

Time/Space compression
Work/Family – 2 income trap – Kids need their parents present in their lives, but parents are often absent.

Can anyone survive work? – Americans work more than Europeans, striving to keep up or exceed the Joneses is an American phenomenon.

“Blue Laws” were abolished to accommodate heavier work schedules, but may lead to a deterioration of work/life balance. When asked, “what law would you introduce to your country? Dilip and his daughter decided that the Blue Law, (everything is closed Sunday) would be best.

Other topics:
1. Power
2. Accountability – would you shred documents if your boss told you to? Corporate culture, like Arthur Anderson’s, would lead otherwise honest people to dishonest acts; those who don’t play ball are out.
3. Credibility

The Global Manager – a myth, but there are three roles managers must play:

Strategic “Global” thinker
Country managerFunctional manager


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